Ashgrove Group Practice

About our PPG

We are setting up a group who will meet at regular intervals to help decide on ways of making a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by Ashgrove Group Practice

What is a PPG?

A patient participation group is a patient led group, which supports the practice team to review and develop services within the Practice

Why have a PPG?

A patient participation group allows the representative views of patients to be considered and involves patients in decision making about the Practice and the services offered.

Practice’s with patient participation groups really value the contributions the groups make and having the group greatly improves communications between the practice staff and patients, and increases the staffs understanding of the key issues and problems for patients regarding their Practice services.

What kind of things does a PPG do?

  • Help the Practice to develop good Practice communications e.g. patient newsletter, information leaflets
  • Develop patient resources in the Practice
  • Help carry out surveys
  • Build two way communications between the patients using services and the Practice team
  • Help capture issues for the Practice to consider
  • What would you like an Ashgrove Group Practice PPG to do?

What doesn’t a PPG do?

A patient participation group is not a forum for individual complaints or personal issues. There are processes in place within the Practice to raise individual cases and complaints.

Given the changes Ashgrove Group Practice have undergone we are very keen to establish a PPG with patients who represent our population.

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 6th July, 2020